Vogel Ski Center      

Vogel Ski Center is one of the most attractive skiing areas in Slovenia with excellent slopes and facilities looking down onto Lake Bohinj and up to the ridges dividing the region of Gorenjska and the coastal region of Primorska.

In the winter, Vogel is a well known high-mountain ski resort where the snow idyll of the untouched nature brings even more joy to your ski or snowboard adventure. The ski center has four chair-lifts, three drag-lifts and 14 ski runs that spread on 78 hectares between 569 and 1880 meters above sea level. The length of all tracks is 18 kilometers. Adrenaline junkies will also find their place on Vogel – there is a snowboard park right next to the “Storeč” ski run. The skiing season usually lasts from December till the early days of May.
The abundance of sun, outstanding views as well as attractive and well-groomed pistes will certainly bring you many beautiful moments. In good weather and suitable conditions, experts relish the opportunities for off-piste skiing.

In the summer, Vogel takes off its white coat and puts on more vivacious colors. Numerous hiking and mountain tracks are perfect for recreation, photography, enjoyment in the pleasant peacefulness of the mountains and the observation of vegetation and animal kingdom in the Julian Alps.

The countryside under Vogel is a paradise for cycling, horseback riding and different water sports. The Sava Bohinjka river also offers numerous activities like kayaking, canoeing and hydrospeed.

For more info please visit www.vogel.si